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Service 1

Chios Energy Healing is one of the newest New Age Healing as well as one of the most comprehensive energy healing modalities. Physical, mental and emotional ailments start at the energetic level and can best be treated at that level. Chios heals root defects in the seven chakras and seven layers of the aura (Human Energy Field). It can also be used to detect and prevent possible future illness as well as to facilitate spiritual growth.

  • Calms the Body and mind
  • Detoxification
  • Emotional stability
  • Improves physical & emotional healing
  • Increases energy
  • Pain relief
  • Stress relief
  • Insomnia
  • So much More...

Places of Healing:

  • Can be at my home
  • Distance Healing through PayPal & photo
  • Clients home (Extra $20)
*Future follow up session may be recommended to keep the energy field intact*


  • Each Session takes one hour or more
  • Soft Music is played in the background during session for relaxation
  • Will be checking the Chakra and Aura for defects
  • Once Chakra & Aura are balanced, I will help heal any energy deficiencies in the body
  • Method will be hands off approach but will have some hands-on  (fully clothed)

What Experts say about Energy Healing

"The next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine." 

- Dr. Mehmet Oz
See link below for Reference

All matter is energy." - Albert Einstein

"The energy field starts it all." - Prof. Harold Burr, Ph.D., Yale University

“Future medicine will be based on controlling energy frequencies in the body.” - William A Tiller, Ph.D., Stanford University

What Experts Say about Intuitive Message

Article in the Time,8599,1868287,00.html

Einstein's theories of time-travel and the idea that anybody can be a psychic.


Service 4

Young Living Essential Oils and Founder Gary Young continue to set the pace for the alternative healthcare industry as global leaders in the research and development of innovative essential oils and health-related products. Using the highest quality therapeutic-grade essential oils and leading-edge technology, Young Living has developed a new line of products designed to help people of every age live healthier, happier lives. 

Our state-of-the-art laboratory and cutting-edge production facility ensure that every Young Living product consistently leads the industry in purity, quality, and effectiveness.

Service 2

Channeling Intuitive Messages

Channeling is like a band of frequencies I use like the radio and television transmissions; all my senses (sight, smell, taste, sound, feel), energy, especially as used by a particular station. When I connect with the Divine, Spirit, Angels, Guides, elemental, earth, etc (which is my TV or Radio station) I transmit and give you the messages, path, guidance that you might learn more or get the answer to something you need.

Channeled intuitive readings "can't fix" problems but they can help guide you to some inner peace


Medium, Empath, Psychic, Clairvoyant, Clairsensitive, Remote-Viewer, Pecognitor, Retrocognitor, Telepath, Psychometrist, Intuitive, Psychographer, psycophoner, Psychic Surgeon(CHIOS), Interdenominational 

How it Works to be intuitive, channel, medium, empath, etc...

While there is much we don't yet understand about how things works, we do have some information. Everything has an energetic vibration or frequency and an intuitive person is able to sense these vibrations and recognize even the subtlest changes undetectable to the naked eye or the five senses.

Words of expression hold an energetic pattern that originates from the speaker. They have a specific meaning particular to the speaker. Behind that expression is a power or force-field, better known as energy. For example, hate often brings about an intense feeling that immediately accompanies the word. The word hate becomes strengthened with the speaker's feeling. It is that person's feelings (energy) that are picked up by being intuitive, whether the words are spoken, thought or just felt without verbal or bodily expression.

Service 3

Cleansing Homes: Definition: 

rid (a person, place, or thing) of something seen or felt as unpleasant, unwanted, or defiling.

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