In Office Reading May -2024

Woow woow Danielle your the best will see you again soon.

Zoom Online Reading August -2023
Just the simple fact that she knew my grand mother was trying to reach me and that my dog who passed away a couple years ago was still around, without even knowing me tells me all I need to know. I will be booking again. I miss my dog so much he was my everything. I never even met my grand mother and thought it was amazing that she was around.
Zoom Online Reading January-2022
Danielle is very good at what she does , we've had a few sessions with her since our daughter passed away , my husband was a non believer until she started mentioning things only he knew ... Amazing! Worth every penny !!! :) Bringing peace into our lives ... She spoke about specific messages from angels that only we would understand!:) Leaving our session with weight lifted off our shoulders,and courage to go go forward
Email Reading 01-07-2021
I was really hesitant about trying an email reading, and honestly didn't expect it to be close. Most of my skepticism really isn't about the paranormal, but in the people themselves. When I contacted Danielle for the reading, she was very responsive and kind. She did not ask ANY information, and would not allow my questions until after she had channeled her message for me. I liked that she approached it that way, because she didn't have any information to expand on. The channeled message was pretty bang on. There were a couple of things that didn't quite fit, but could be things that have yet to happen. I replied about a few of the things she had told me, and asked my question. When I got her reply for the question, as I first read it, it was almost like a friend telling you what you want/need to hear.... then details started to come out that no one else would know. I was honestly floored. Going into this... I thought that because I wasn't in front of her, she wouldn't be able to connect or be accurate. A day later... I still don't know what to say other than thank you to Danielle
Danielle is fantastic! Always on point and mentions many different things that are very personal (not embarrassing), but things that you have questions about, that isn't publicly available information (for the skeptics)! I have seen Danielle on multiple occasions now and I have ALWAYS been impressed. If you have ever thought about doing a reading, do it! You will not be disappointed. - Matt M.

Fanny J Legacy "07-2019

I received closure on a long standing question regarding a loved one who passed, and much needed messages to help me stay on a purposeful and healing path. Much gratitude to dear Danielle

Isabel x0x - "2018"

No words can describe how thankful I am to have met Danielle. 

Since I was a child I was highly intuitive, I had clairvoyant experiences and more. Years ago, didn't know how to deal with it or accept it, I just hid it. I struggled with depression and anxiety for years. Danielle has helped me understand it all. She helped me find myself and helped me open the door that I hadn't had the courage to fully open for years. She's very caring and she's great at what she does. I love her services and I recommend her to anyone!

Thanks Danielle!!

"Greater Moncton Paranormal Society" 2018

Moncton, New Brunswick

"Since 2016 Danielle has selflessly volunteered as part of our paranormal investigation team. Her guidance and wisdom has brought comfort and peace to many of our clients. While no two cases are alike, some being deeply complex, Danielle's insight has often been what one can only describe as the much needed light at the end of the tunnel. Danielle's knowledge of the spirit world combined with her keen psychic abilities makes her an irreplaceable asset. We feel truly blessed to have her as a member of our team. "

-D.M.  (House Clearing)

Moncton/Dieppe Area, Canada

February 2016

My 4 years old daughter had been having nightmares for about 2 years; we taught nothing much of it other than her being a kid and having life experiences. Every night, before falling asleep, she would ask me to pray baby Jesus and Duke (our deceased dog) to come and protect her so she could have a nice night’s sleep.

One night, she woke up crying and screaming like someone was hurting her. We jump out of bed but she had already ran into our room. She was panting and in so much panic that we could not calm her down. She didn’t want to go back to her room. She climbed in bed, between us and pulled the blankets over her head. She fell asleep shortly after so we took her back to her room. After about 30 minutes back in her bed, the same thing happened. This time, we couldn’t even calm her down once in our bed. She finally fell asleep and we kept her with us. Every half hour, she would jump, cry, scream or tremble, but when she realized she was with us, she would go back to sleep.

The next morning, I asked her about it. She said that she heard a big noise in her room and that she saw a bright yellow light sphere about the size of her fist and the light was going towards her. She said it scared her so she ran and she didn’t want to look at the light. When she told us where she saw the light, we quickly realized that there should not have been any light there. We called up Danielle who came to our house. Danielle saw an unhappy man in our daughter room. She was able to help our daughter clear her room, she gave her tricks and stones in order to protect her. Our daughter has not have a nightmare since and she is rarely asking for baby Jesus and Duke to come and protect her anymore. She tells us every day that if she doesn’t want to see the light, she just has to ask not to see it and that she will be ok.

Thanks Danielle for your help and thanks for your wonderful workshops...

Amanada Doucette

Channeling Intuitive Messages, March, 2015

after feeling lost for some time, and getting great reviews from two friends, I decided to go see Danielle for myself, my first session helped me so much, she really does guide you in the right direction, so many questions i'd been having were instantly answered and I just felt relived, it also helped me with the many road blocks in my life, and how I should go about fixing them to be able to head toward the right path; my density in life, which for me was extremely important and when you get a reading, they do focus on what you need personality out of it, it won't be similar for everyone, another thing I found almost freaky was the fact that I always had these strange dreams, and it was nice to know that they actually meant something (and it finally made sense to me) I believe that these amazing people, like Danielle on put on this earth to help us reach our purpose in life and without them I seriously don't know where'd id be today, my life has been completely changed for the better and I highly recommend that if you are having doubts\road blocks in your life or not even sure you believe in channelling I would completely understand, but truly believe that you owe it yourself to still give it a try, it will truly change your life, I know it changed mine < 3

Amy Dalley - March 2016

Channeling Intuitive Messages. I had Danielle read my cards read at my home. I have been in a period in my life in which I have been questioning many things. She immediately picked up on these feelings. After I picked my cards, she started coughing and asked if I had a grandmother who passed with gastric problems. I stated that my French grandmother always brought up things after eating but Danielle stated it was not a feeling of vomiting. She said her lungs were tight and tension radiated to her back. I then knew, my Nanny was present as she passed away from pneumonia. I was thrilled as I have been having a hard time accepting her passing. She was a powerful influence in my life. It was confirmed that she has been with me and guiding me. She stated that I should expect a hummingbird this summer which will be my Nanny's spirit. When I spoke to my mother that evening, I learned that my Nanny was fascinated by this particular bird and always commented on them when she saw one around. Danielle picked up on relationship tension between my husband and I and the spirits allowed me to view what has to be done in order to heal the relationship wounds. Danielle picked up on the fact that I always feel tired and have no energy and that the tests the doctors did on my thyroid are inaccurate and that I should go to a reputable naturopath in order to be treated. The reading gave me lots of insight in what I have to do in order to conquer my dreams. Definitely a powerful experience and I cannot wait to book another reading. I highly recommend Danielle! She truly has an amazing gift!

Danielle Bourque

Who owned the locket I talked about, was that your grandmother as well. Thank you for the wonderful testimonial, fills my heart with joy

Amy Dalley

yes I have one of her lockets

thank you! You and the spirits helped me find peace and answers to many of my questions. I feel relieved and determined today

My name is Lynne Bouchard. I went to see Danielle Bourque in June 2015. She was able to open me back up to my Angels again. I was in a very dark place at the time. Danielle brought me back from a really dark place. I have a new job, I'm happy with my live and am able to love and be thankful for the wonderful things and people in my life. I am no longer focused on what I don't have, but what I do have. Thank you so much Danielle... My life is happy and calm. You brought me back. Thank you again... All my love, Lynne Galbraith Bouchard.

Joan Trites - 2015
in the last week-
I have to Thank my daughter in law for getting me to go see Danielle have seen her four times now and it just gets better & better !!!!!!! Looking forward to my next session

Deanna Parker, Moncton, NB Canada
Channeling Intuitive Messages
I met Danielle when I decided to tag along with a mutual friend who was going to see Danielle to have her cards read. While I was there, I became intrigued and decided to have Danielle do a reading for me as well. I was truly amazed at how intuitive Danielle was. Having never met her before, I was taken aback when she started talking to me about my father and how he wanted me to know he was “ok”. This being said after he had passed over 25 years ago. I had never been to see a medium or psychic as some like to say, but I have been back since and will be again.

Deanna Parker, Moncton, NB Canada
Chios Energy Healing
When I first met Danielle, I had been battling a cold, flu, sinus infection and or asthma flare up for about 7 weeks. I had been to the doctors’ office twice and had gone through a round of antibiotics, yet I still had a nasty cough. Danielle asked if she could do some “healing” on me. Not knowing what this would involve but being open to anything that would get rid of my cough, I said sure. As a lightworker, Danielle is able to channel her energy through her hand to the areas of stress, pain and irritation, which may need healing. So she spent some time passing her hands over my throat, sending her energy where I needed it. That night my husband noticed I wasn’t coughing as much. I was speaking with Danielle a few weeks later and I still had my cough, though it has eased some. She recommended Chios healing. Well, I had no idea what that was so I did some research and decided to give it a try. After an hour Chios healing with Danielle, I was feeling more energetic and my throat was less agitated. I have since recommended friends and they have been just as happy with the results.


Veronique Clement

Channeling intuitive message. March, 2015

I friend of mine who is very skeptical about these things, told me how amazed she was when she had a session with Danielle. I was on maternity leave and confused about going to work, quitting, taking a course. I was loosing sleep about it, stressing about it everyday and needed guidance. The minute I sat down Danielle, she wrote on a paper the word "Work" and mentioned how confused I was about it. Wow!!! how did she knew? Her gift is real and very accurate. I received great guidance and felt lighter after the session. 

I had three sessions after that always very interesting. Next time I will try Chios energy healing.
Thank you :) And again you are an amazing person.

Natasha Martin, Moncton, NB
Channeling Intuitive Messages (June, 2012)

Natasha Martin: Thank you again Danielle for such a great session last week!!! By far the best one yet...I'm looking forward to more sessions with you :)
"C" Soft Healing & Channeling Your most welcome...could I put this in the recommendation area?...Namaste
Natasha Martin: Absolutely, I would recommend you to anyone !!!! I actually and can't stop talking about how great you are !!!
"C" Soft Healing & Channeling Thank you for your blessing comment...it fills my heart with joy...
Natasha Martin It's been a pleasure!!!

Deanna Herring Gjaltema
Channeling Intuitive Messages (May, 2012)

Today I had a nice meeting with Danielle, she is wonderful and I look forward to spending more time with this insightful woman. She made me feel inspired to look deeper into my soul and realize how precious life is and to embrace the life that has been given to me. Thank you Danielle!!!

Debbie Casey, Moncton, NB, Canada

Chios Energy Healing

After breaking my wrist from a fall, I found that my hand had not healed properly. I could not close my hand to make a fist, nor did I have any strength in it. I had gone to a few doctors who told me the bone had healed correctly. I just needed to exercise the hand. I then went to physio therapy where they put me through a whole lot of pain bending my fingers and wrist. I spoke to Danielle about it and we decided to do Chios healing to it. I had two healing sessions done and found a big difference. I have since had a couple more sessions with Danielle and can now make a fist and have much more strength in my hand. I HIGHLY recommend Chios healing. There is absolutely no pain involved and it is very relaxing.